The first priority for most clients is utilities, but GEOTEC's Survey services go much deeper than this.

GEOTEC Surveys map the sub-surface environment for a wide range of features comprising buried services (to PAS 128), voids, anomalies & obstructions to assist our client for planning, design & health & safety purposes. 


Underground Mapping helps Design the Risk out of projects to:

  • Decrease risk of harm & injury to persons
  • Decrease risk of damaging buried apparatus
  • Meet CDM and HSG47
  • Minimise disruption & inconvenience to general public
  • Minimise project delays& reduce costs
  • Understand service diversion needs
  • Pin-point invasive investigation requirements (trial pits, boreholes, window sampling & core sampling for example)
  • Negate unnecessary excavations

Underground Mapping Survey sample

A full GEOTEC Underground Mapping Survey locates:

  • Buried Services and Utilities to PAS 128 Standard including Water, Power, Gas, Telecommunications, Fibre Optics, Drainage and other linear targets.
  • Voiding such as evidence of erosion, cellars, badger setts, well/mine shafts and tunnels.
  • Sub-surface features such as old building lines, foundations, buried concrete, tanks and other hazards.
  • Disturbed and saturated ground (which may result from water or oil leaks).
  • Unexploded Ordnance (UXO).
  • Depth to Bedrock, the water table or ground layers.

Drawing results are provided in AutoCAD and PDF formats, displayed in 2D plan view and as 3D model information, designed to be read by anybody from Designers to Groundworkers.

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