GEOTEC Surveys detect and accurately record the position, depth, route and type of buried services and utilities in line with PAS 128, Detection Level B, using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Radio Frequency Detection (EML), Cover Lifting & Topographical Survey Techniques.

This comprises Water, Power, Gas, Telecommunications, Fibre Optics, Drainage and other Sub-surface features.

Survey works can be completed using cart-based or vehicle mounted GPR Systems, depending on the site characteristics and depending on the PAS Methodology required for that particular site.

A Manhole Photograph Schedule and PAS 128 Survey Report will also accompany our final survey results drawing (in PDF and AutoCAD).

By allocating a Quality Score to each detected service, we are able to demonstrate to the client, the confidence level with which this particular feature has been detected and to what accuracy tolerance. This is invaluable to the design process.

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PAS 128 Example Survey Results 2D

PAS 128 Detection Levels

Our Experienced Surveyors are multi-trained in the on-site disciplines of Radio Frequency Services Tracing, GPR & Topographical Surveying as well as the office based functions of GPR data post processing & AutoCAD 2D & 3D.

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Methods & Techniques

  • Radio Frequency
  • GPR
  • Resistivity / Imaging
  • Electro Magnetics
  • Micro-Gravity