Posted 12 February 2018

London City Airport is closed today following the discovery of a WWII unexploded bomb in the Thames at King George V Dock.

All flights are cancelled and a 214m exclusion zone has been setup around the area, impacting upon air passengers, residents and those working in and around the airport. 

According to the BBC the airport was closed around 22:00 GMT on Sunday after the 500Kg devise was found. 

GEOTEC Surveys Ltd have completed a significant amount of Underground Mapping Survey work, both landside and airside at the airport, including the runway and aprons, as well as Hartmann Road and a section of the car park, on the edge of the dock using EML & GPR. 

Whilst Radio Frequency Detectors & GPR may be able to locate and map evidence of UXO, Geotec prefer to use an EM61 Electromagnetic geophysical survey tool which is designed to locate and map the presence of substantial metallic objects which may represent the presence of UXO as shown below. 

Example of EM61 Data

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