Posted 1 September 2014

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Whilst reports discuss the economic effect on Brazil and the expected upturn in the UK economy based on how much people spend at World Cup time hosting BBQ's, in pubs & bars and on flags, replica shirts (although not at £90 a pop) and silly hats, how does this effect UK Construction Industry Productivity?

I for one will be working around World Cup fixtures as much as possible and I imagine a large number of the UK working population will be doing the same, regardless as to whether games clash with 8am to 5pm working hours, which thankfully they don't.

Fortunately our GEOTEC Surveyors will be working through the World Cup, happy to do night work and weekends, so if you wanted an easy month from June to July, before the construction industry picks up again in September, book in your Underground Mapping Survey or Desktop Mapping Study today so there isn't that mad rush when you want to go on holiday in August.

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