Posted 31 August 2014

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Following the unprecedented weather across the UK over Christmas, the New Year and Valentine's Day, Channel 4's, "The Year Britain Flooded" focused on the storms and subsequent flooding effecting the South and South West.

According to the programme, Geologists expect around 6 sinkholes per year, however have already seen 12 appear.

GEOTEC have previously featured the sinkhole that appeared in High Wycombe with other high profile sinkholes appearing on the central reservation on the M2 and in the Peak District recently.

GEOTEC Surveys use Electromagnetic techniques, combined with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate mine shafts and could employ the same techniques to locate any tunnels relating to old mines to a depth between 6-10m from the ground surface. This may assist planners or those worried about sinkholes in providing an early warning system.

The photograph above shows survey works at the Dawlish Sea Wall, whilst we have also recently worked on a number of other beaches throughout the UK to locate evidence of voiding on similar types of structures.

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