Posted 21 July 2017

Glasgow Hawks rugby team has been forced to fly the nest over fears that the pitch could disappear down an old mine shaft.

The Herald has reported that a section of the venue sank by a several inches and as such engineers from the Coal Authority have since discovered that the site sits closely to the entrance of an old mine shaft, following a records review.

GEOTEC Surveys Limited have carried out a number of surveys to locate and map the presence of voids and anomalies that could relate to old mine shafts or tunnels associated with coal and iron ore mining, using Electromagnetic (EM31) technology, for which an example of results is below: 

Example of Mine Shaft EM31 Survey

The Coal Authority are currently drilling in the area, whilst the advantages of non-invasive surveying are obvious to see; more cost effective, less time required on site, less disruption to the occupant, safer, reduces waste and limits the environmental impact that drilling has.

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