Posted 21 September 2017

Unfortunately it was on its way to Auckland Airport - as prospectors sever only pipeline carrying fuel to New Zealand's major transport hub.

The Times has reported that a significant number of domestic and long-haul international flights have been cancelled or diverted following the oil pipeline strike which has occurred as a result of prospectors searching for valuable timber buried in a swamp.

GEOTEC Surveys have carried out a number of surveys for oil pipelines using both Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) as shown in the below photograph, and Electromagnetic techniques.  

In this particular instance we were tasked with identifying the accurate location, line and depth of the pipeline, which came from the oil refinery in the distance, within a nearby farmers field, prior to the installation of a significant buried power cable, which was due to link a Gas Terminal, the Oil Refinery and a large National Grid Substation.

GEOTEC GPR Survey for Oil Pipeline using 200MHz antenna

The New Zealand service strike has caused a substantial amount of chaos and inconvenience to various groups, whilst the army and navy are said to have also been drafted in to transport crucial supplies around the country.

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