GEOTEC's services go much deeper than utilities and services. Using proven geophysical methods, GEOTEC Surveys map the sub-surface environment, for a range of features using a number of approaches.

Geophysical Approaches & Applications

Typical features which can be located are:

  • mine shafts,
  • old foundations/ building lines,
  • pile caps
  • hidden wells,
  • footings
  • basements, cellars,
  • tunnels and underground voids, 
  • chalk dissolution.

Mineshaft survey example

Call Julian, Tom or Luke on 01428 686168 to identify whether GPR, Electro-magnetics, Resistivity/ Imaging, Microgravity, or a combination of these, would meet your needs.

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Methods & Techniques

  • Radio Frequency
  • GPR
  • Resistivity / Imaging
  • Electro Magnetics
  • Micro-Gravity

Bedrock Profiling using Imaging/ Resistivity assists clients to: 

  • ensure piling is securely installed,
  • map the extents of oil pipeline and water leaks.
  • assist in cable route design.
  • locate the water table.
  • provide evidence of fissures/ caves / tunnels/ mines.

Resistivity survey sample

A full cross section can be provided showing the contours and make-up of the ground reaching a depth of 30m into the ground.

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