Posted 18 September 2020

As parts of the country prepare for another lockdown, homeowners in Worthing discover a hidden Anderson Shelter buried in their garden.

The surprise discovery was made in Henty Road and was covered by the "Hidden Sussex Facebook" page. It turns out that there are many residences in Worthing and West Sussex with air raid shelters present in the gardens. Apart from the obvious close proximity to the coast, West Sussex is also home to Goodwood (formerly RAF Westhampnett) and nearby RAF Tangmere, which were significant airfields during the second world war and therefore prime targets for the Luftwaffe.

Photos are courtesy of Paul Holden, Editor of The Worthing Journal

GEOTEC Surveys Ltd have previously carried out Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys (GPR) to detect and map the presence of unknown, buried, air raid shelters, most notably at Hyde Park in London.

Our Survey results are shown below, which clearly show the depth to the top of the structure and their extents.

An extract of GPR Survey Results

If you are concerned about the possibility of a buried air raid shelter or other subsurface feature then please contact us to discuss.

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