Posted 20 November 2020

Buried electricity service strikes jumped 20% between July and September, compared with the same period in 2019.

According to Bernard Sims Associates, a Health & Safety Consultant based in Guildford, the number of potentially fatal strikes also increased to 475 from 325 compared to the previous quarter (April to June 2020).

This increase may be the result of workers returning from furlough or could be as a result of business having to cut costs in order to come through the pandemic.

In addition, 15% of workers did not check for underground electricity cables because they did not feel that it was their responsibility to do so. This is a worrying statistic considering that not checking could be the difference between life and death (or at least life changing consequences).

GEOTEC Surveys have been operational throughout 2020 and we have changed the way we work in order to do so. As such we can still offer service clearance or marking out surveys (CAT Scans), whereby we spray any detected services onto the ground surface in spray paint rather than providing any drawings, if that is all that is required. We also use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) as a matter of course.

Example of onsite spray marks

Survey Request