Posted 27 November 2020

Remains of the old sea defences were uncovered under Clarence Pier Playing Field by contractors working on the new sea defence project in Southsea.

According to The Construction Index, the Archaeologist working on the project indicated that "the remains are highly likely to be those of the wider historic defences constructed as part of the 17th century remodeling of Portsmouth's earlier Tudor sea defences".

This is an exciting find, as it was thought that the previous system had been demolished.

GEOTEC Surveys have successfully detected former building lines on a number of sites over the years using Ground Penetrating Radar and other Geophysical techniques, which is completed without breaking the ground. An example of such results is shown below:

Example of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey Results for Building Lines

This data clearly shows the location of previous building lines and also provides a depth indication as to their positions.

Please contact us at or 01428 686168 to discuss how we can help you locate similar features such as this, using non-invasive means.

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