Our office based staff, have a combined 35 years experience and can assist you in identifying the best survey method or methods to detect, map and provide additional detail in regard to subsurface unknowns, anomalies, hazards and concerns.

It is our responsibility to recommend the best approaches to help move your project forward, in the event of a Buried Feature, which may delay or impact upon design or construction works.

London Highway Survey example

Geotec Surveys can provide unrivalled information on a wide variety of environments:


Constant construction and changing city centres often render utility company drawings inaccurate

Survey Request


Methods & Techniques

  • Radio Frequency
  • GPR
  • Resistivity / Imaging
  • Electro Magnetics
  • Micro-Gravity

Greenfield sites

A survey allows pipework, foundations or piles to be laid quickly and easily by pinpointing the depth of bedrock and any subsurface anomalies.

Brownfield sites

A range of subsurface anomalies such as abandoned services, evidence of previous developments, reinforced concrete, among other hazards are common. Specialist Geophysical techniques allow GEOTEC to search to a depth of 6m, which have proved invaluable to clients.

Substations & Power Stations

Accurate mapping of sensitive underground services and detailed topographical surveying across utility distribution sites is crucial to design works and dramatically reduces the amount of digging required, providing excellent Health & Safety data, whilst allowing 'permits to work' to be issued.

Sewers, drains and treatment plants

Water pipes and other crucial services, such as fibre optic communications and telemetry are often laid in complex patterns with little or no record maintained of their location. Being mainly non-metallic in structure makes them invisible to CAT and Genny machines. GEOTEC can provide a complete picture to facilitate detailed design and safe construction.