• North East Reservoir

    19 July 2016

    Underground Mapping Survey to locate and map potential voiding within or beneath the concrete floor within a Service Reservoir, using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

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  • Islamabad UK Tilford

    24 June 2016

    Prior to the proposed development of a new Mosque, a non-invasive underground mapping survey was required to locate and map any buried services and utilities within the proposed works areas.

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  • Saudi Arabia

    5 August 2010

    Geotec surveyed almost c.125,000 square metres, to an average depth of 4 metres for an area linking a central Gas Plant station to a mineral industry city development, on the Coast of the Arabian Gulf, with a proposed pipe line 58Km (36 miles) long, of which Geotec surveyed 15 different areas, along this stretch.

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